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We Recycle TV's, Monitors, and other Electronics!!

Now paying a different rate a ton for complete auto bodies brought in call for details!!

IronHorse Recycling started off as an at home operation.  It quickly grew and was moved to the building on Fifield Road. In January of 2008 everything was moved to its new and current location in Gillett. From this location IronHorse services the Gillett and surrounding areas.

IronHorse is committed to the health and safety of not only its employees, but also of its customers and the environment. In order to acheive this, the staff is well trained on how to handle all the types of material we accept. This is a process that will continue to ensure we serve our customers and the community the best and safest we can.

We work with the people and businesses of the community. We are involved at events and sponsor local activities, the schools and people. We have been part of local events such as the demolition derbies, help at the ATV Park with their events, sponsor local racers and sponsor people in the demolition derbies.

We are registered with the state for Wisconsin's E-cycle program. We work with the county and individuals of the area. Electronics are no longer permitted in land fills and we want to help serve as an outlet for your electronics. We are the only registered facility in this area. We will make sure your electronics are recycled correctly and safely for you .

We are also certified for the removal of refrigerant. With this certification we are able to take your refrigerators and freezers.

We look forward to working with you on all of your metal and electronics recycling needs!!

Our Used Parts Inventory is now online! Click Here to start searching!

Call the office at 920-855-1432 or see the Contact Us page for any questions you may have.